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There Are My Skills

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It All Started with Picture

Hey, thanks for stopping by. My name’s Liza Henderson and I’m a Art Director & Photographer based in the San Francisco where I make cool things for agencies and brands around globe. If you like my work then don’t hesitate to reach out.

I am already known for pushing the best of imagery, both stills and films. I evolve, photography evolves, clients evolve, so the way we get the job done should evolve as well. I want to focus on what’s actually needed and slash the stuff that isn’t. I aim at being a proponent for good photography and a voice for change within the business. I’ve got some bold ideas and can’t wait to share.


But firstly it’s about jaw dropping, awe inspiring, surprising and well composed stories told through the lens of the beholder. Make sure you look through my portfolios and have a chat with me about your next project.

I Love My Clients

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Richard Murphy
Artist, Boston
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Grace Ross
Model, LA
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Albert Pierce
Photographer, Dallas
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Nancy Hoover
Model, New York
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Helen Evans
Visagiste, Texas

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