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Building Waterproofing contractors in Mumbai

Water leakage is nothing but moisture ingress in buildings. It results in damp and uncomfortable internal environment. Damp area on the wall increases the concentration of harmful pollutants. This is considered harmful to the occupant’s health.

In a city like Mumbai which has heavy rainfall the problem of seepage is even more. This is a common problem faced by house owners in Mumbai. It is said that in Mumbai water leakage starts within first five years of building completion. The problem is compounded by Mumbai’s humidity and plenty of rainfall.

The most widely used construction material in the world is concrete, besides steel and wood. Ideally if construction is done in a manner in which all parameters are followed concrete is supposed to be watertight. But in practice it is not. It is water permeable.

Conventional methods of waterproofing includes
1. Brickbat coba system/Lime terracing
2. Bituminous treatment/systems
3. Metallic sheet wrapping
4. Poly-urethane based waterproofing treatment
5. Epoxy based waterproofing treatment
6. Box type water proofing system.

Whereas modern techniques of waterproofing focus on the fact that involvement of various bodies and techniques is essential. The two popular waterproofing systems in recent times are:
1. Crystalline water proofing System
2. Flexible membrane water proofing system.

Reasons for failure of waterproofing system can be attributed to two main factors.
1. Application of a waterproofing product in non-specified areas.
2. Stretching the coverage of the product beyond the specified limits by the manufacturer results in inefficiency of the product hence failure.

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