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Structural Repairs

Building restoration services are necessary to repair the concrete structures to reinstate and increase the life of the structures.

LeakSeal India has earned a reputation for thoroughness and quality craftsmanship. We have the skills and proficiency to meet your building restoration & reconstruction needs. With the expertise and experience of building restoration on our side, you can be rest assured that your project will be handled in a meticulous manner.

LeakSeal India’s building repair contractors, provide building restoration services covering a full range of damage control, services to restore buildings and various types of roofing, interior, and exterior/facade repairs and renovations. Our competitive pricing makes us the best local choice for your structural repair needs. No wonder, LeakSeal India is one of the leading, structural repair contractors in Mumbai.

1)   Conventional Method
Conven Conven

Areas of Application


All R.C.C Structures


Best Bonding with old R.C.C Structure



Increases life of the Structure


   10 years

2)   Structural Wrapping
Wrap Wrap

Areas of Application


All R.C.C Structures


Increase Life of Structures



Doubles the strength of Structures


Strong resistance to U.V. rays, fire, several acids and alkalis.

3)   Micro Concrete Jacketing
Jacket Jacket

Areas of Application


All types of Damaged R.C.C Surface


Easy flowing



Compressive Strength & Moisture Resistant


Reinstate the strength

4)   Grouting
Grouting Grouting

Areas of Application




Prevents leakage / seepage completely

Wall foundations

Enhances life of structure by virtue of excellent water repellant properties of polymer coating

Tunnels, foundation piles

It adds aesthetical out look to structure with variety of color shades

Channels/ irrigation system



Sunken Slab



Roof Gardens



Swimming Pools



Overhead Tanks